• Where do our puppies come from?

    We get all of our puppies from USDA licensed and inspected breeders. This means that our breeders are inspected on a state and federal level, helping us to ensure that we are buying from reputable breeders who care about the health, quality, and the well being of all our beloved pets. What this means for you, is you are purchasing from a quality supplier of pets- avoiding puppy mills and people who do not care about the health or well being of your companion. All of our puppies are vet checked before they come to our store and are then checked again when they go home with you; certifying that your puppy is as healthy and happy as possible.

  • What is included when you buy a puppy?

    Puppy Starter Kit Included:
    Puppy Training Kit – Includes training crate, first bag of puppy food, training treats, brush, shampoo, 2 toys, carpet cleaner, and a crate bed/blanket.

    Veterinarian Care:
    All of our puppies are Up-to-date with vaccinations, worming, and preventative medications.

    All of Frontier Pet’s puppies are checked weekly by a Certified Veterinarian from the, Cheyenne Pet Clinic. We work closely with our local Veterinarians to provide you and your puppy with the best quality of care there is to offer.

    All of our puppies come with their first FREE veterinary visit, where the visit and any medications are covered. This is a puppy well check visit provided to give you extra peace of mind after taking your companion home.

    Puppy Training:
    First time puppy owner? No worries, we have your back! PUP Master Academy gives you three FREE In-store training classes, on the 4 basic needs along with detailed training on housebreaking and teething. Did we mention, Pup Master Academy trainers work with Frontier Pet’s puppies from that day they step foot in our store, to the day they go home!

    Our Warranties
    All of our puppies include a 14-day Canine Disease Limited Warranty as well as a One Year Limited Health Guarantee.

    The 14- day Canine Disease Limited Warranty, warrants against, Parvo, Hepatitis, and Distemper. In the event the puppy had bed exposed to any of those conditions, we have you covered. Generally, symptoms of these conditions show within 7-10 days, we cover your 14 just to be safe!

    The one year Limited Health Guarantee is good from the date of sale of a puppy, not from its date of birth. This is going to cover any major problems the puppy could develop that are NOT common in that breed. This is consistent with genetic and birth defects.

    We microchip with the AKC microchip and get the microchip registered to you before you even leave the store.

  • What breeds are best for people who have allergies?

    People who have allergies should consider dogs that shed very little. Breeds to consider are: Bichon Frise, Chinese Crested, Maltese, Poodle, Schnauzer, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to name a few.

    If in doubt, we recommend you come into the store and discuss this with an expert. We can set up private viewings out side the store, to help eliminate any allergens. People are allergic to either dog dander or the hair of a dog. We will work close with you and your families needs to find the right companion for you!

  • What other expenses will there be after we take our new pet home?

    For the life of the dog, every year, your dog will have the added cost of quality food, training, toys and chews, vet visits, and licenses. Purchasing a pet is a commitment, do you have the financial resources to adequately invest in the life of the pet?

  • Do we ship puppies bought from our store?

    While we do have the ability to ship puppies, it is not something that is often recommended. Shipping a puppy is something that is handled on a case by case basis. We recommend that you give us a call to see if it would be a good fit for you and the puppy.

  • What do we recommend for potty training?

    Potty training is always one of the biggest concerns when you take home a new puppy. Our experience has shown us that kennel training, along with scheduled feedings, tends to yield the best results. This works because of a dog’s natural tendencies to not want to potty in the same place that they sleep. This tactic combined with having a rough idea of when your dog will need to go potty, due to scheduled feedings, helps to set them up for success. If you need more help we are always willing to offer advice or can point you in the direction of a dog trainer who could help as well. All of our puppies include two free puppy training classes courtesy of, PupMaster Academy, where you can ask additional questions for a happy, well trained puppy.

  • Will my puppy be registered?

    Buying a registered, purebred puppy, means that it’s family tree is documented as being exclusively one breed. Buying a registered dog does not necessarily mean that the dog will be healthier than a non-registered dog. It means that it’s parents are of the same breed and that the dog comes from a purebred line. AKC (American Kennel Club) is the most familiar purebred dog registry in the country, but there are several canine registries (The American Kennel Club, (AKC), APR, ACA, APRI) among others. Most of our puppies are registered with one of the many registries, although there are designer breeds that may not be registered. We will be more than happy to answer this question prior to your purchase.

  • Will my puppy be micro-chipped?

    Yes, all of our puppies are micro-chipped before purchase. You will register the chip in your name at the time of purchase or we will provide you with the information to self-register if you would prefer. It is extremely important to register your puppies microchip. If your puppy should ever become lost, there is a good chance that your puppy will be recovered if it has a registered microchip. In a pets lifetime, one out of three will become lost. Without enrollment registration and identification about ninety percent will not be recovered.

  • What other animals do we offer?

    We offer a wide variety of small animals such as bunnies, guinea pig, rats and mice. We also offer Cheyenne’s largest variety of reptiles ranging from snakes, lizards, amphibians and arachnids!

    We do offer cats and kittens as they come available. Our partnership with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is very important to us. They bring overflow of cats and kittens to our store, and we adopt out for them. All adoption fees go back to the, Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

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